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TP_1920x1080_poster_2023 copyright.jpg
In development
TV series

Join us for this heartfelt comedy of brotherly love and crazy schemes starring two Pomeranian dog brothers Tuff Pom and Pompeii and their eccentric neighbourhood crew!


Tuff Pom is a character comedy which tells the story of two Pom Bros as they take over the running of their parents' corner store. The show is in the mold of Spongebob, Gumball or The Simpsons whereby slice of life character moments escalate into truly absurd comedy madness. Episodes play out in sitcom fashion and could be as simple as trying to make a pizza, selling a single item from their shop or deciding who gets to wear the “Manager” badge.



Statut : En développement

Type : Série TV

Format : 52x11'

Genre : hybride, comédie

Créée et réalisée par : Joel Mackenzie

Production exécutive Sarah Mattingley, Jesse Cleverly, Miles Bullough